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Sheet Metal Fabrication Services
Custom OEM&ODM Metal Producrts

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Hongming sheng always respects the rights of intellectual property rights and opposes any plagiarism or counterfeiting. Without the approval of the customer, we cannot disclose any relevant information to a third party, including but not limited to product drawings, design plans, product pictures, molds, manufacturing processes, etc. Hongming sheng is willing to sign NDA with customers to protect the interests of both parties.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

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Shenzhen Hongming Sheng Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2009, provides a series of on demand manufacturing solutions to help you develop and efficiently manufacture custom metal parts and custom sheet metal parts. Focus on more than 50 kinds of metals & plastics: Precision Computer Numerical control Machining Services (CNC Machining)、 5-axis computer numerical control (CNC) machining services、 sheet metal bending、sheet metal fabrication services、metal stamping、3D printing services、 metal casting services、304 316 stainless steel enclosure、and other 15 manufacturing processes. and provide surfaces trearment: polishing, wire drawing, anodizing, electroplating, Special surface treatment such as spray paint and matte effect.

Our expert team has a wealth of custom sheet metal parts and custom metal parts manufacturing knowledge and experience, providing you with complete technical support services, and achieving the most competitive value of products through prototypes and manufacturing solutions.

Delivery of 100% qualified products, punctual, efficient and reliable, is your ideal custom metal parts and custom sheet metal parts manufacturing partner.

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Competent Sheet Metal Fabrication Ability

Uncharged Design Services   Uncharged Sample Services   Uncharged Technical Support

Use pressure to create the required shape of the metal sheet in the mold, and closely fit the metal mold cavity. It has the characteristics of high    efficiency and low cost. The stamping forming technology includes: punching, stamping and cutting, bending forming, embossing, Embossing,      flanging, etc.

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 Sheet Metal Bending Services

By applying pressure to the metal plate, the ductility of the material is released, and various shapes and angles are created. It is a very efficient and economical sheet metal fabrication services. Relying on CNC programs to achieve higher precision.

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 Laser Cutting Services

 Relying on the laser beam to focus on the cutting line of the plate, the material is instantly heated and melted or vaporized, thereby cutting and separating the material. Mulan MFG has 3000KW-10000kw laser cutting equipment that can cut 30mm thick stainless steel plates or thinner metal plates.

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Metal Welding Services

The separated metal materials are melted by a high-temperature welding gun and then re-spliced to assemble them into the desired product shape. Protective gas is used during the welding process to ensure that the process is not polluted and oxidized, so that the welding is firmer and  cleaner.

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Work Shop

Quality Control Of Sheet Metal Fabrication

Strict quality control is HONGMING SHENG MFG’s corporate life. From raw materials to product packaging and transportation, every link is under our supervision, ensuring that 99% of high-quality sheet metal stamping Parts are delivered to customers.

01. Raw Material Quality Inspection

Long-run participation with large steel mills, all materials will have a material examination report by the sheet metal stamping company, HONGMING SHENG MFG. (chemical report and physical report) before they are put into storage.

02. Initial Size Inspection

Before the CNC milling services,Measure the size of the material to prevent insufficient machining allowance and poor material.

03. Production Interaction Control

Develop a production schedule flow chart, control time nodes and production plans, and prevent delayed delivery.

04. Mid-Term Dimensional Investigation

Pay attention to each cnc milling processing node, review possible quality risks during product processing, and stop the processing of problem products in time

05. Final Size Examination

Relying on advanced CMM and other inspection equipment to carry out size inspection on cnc milling parts.

06. Surface And Establishment Test Review

100% shape quality control, and install and test product functions, reject and isolate parts with quality problems such as scratches and unqualified surface treatments.

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Sheet Metal Fabrication Guide

As the industry’s leading sheet metal fabrication china,

we not only provide competitive factory prices, but also unlimited technical support.

One-shop Materials Solution

The real material report and performance test report will be delivered to the customer together with the product


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