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Custom OEM&ODM Metal Producrts

Custom Specialty Metal Bending

Hongming sheng specializes in custom metal bending in all forms, including:


We offer complete, turnkey custom metal bending services to meet your metal bending application and performance requirements. With over 12 years of experience and a host of custom metal bending capabilities, we can deliver the products you need, just the way you need them.

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Custom Metal Bending Capabilities

Induction Bending

Induction custom metal bending minimizes material deformation and distortion in cross-sections, even in tight radius bends. A “hot bending” process, induction custom metal bending limits wall thinning, rippling, and ovality creates consistent and reliable results. Heat induction custom metal bending can be used to bend large pipes, steel beams, and square and rectangular tubes.

Compound Bending

Compound custom metal bending can be used to create a variety of architectural shapes, including arched roofs, domes, and canopies. This form of metal bending is an effective process for bending heavy and light gauge metal angle, tube, beam, bar, channel, sheet, and plate. Our compound custom metal bending experience ensures curves and bends that are true and plumb.

Helical Spiral Bending

Also known as “helical metal bending” or “spiral metal bending”, this process is used to produce continuously curved or coiled shapes—think of the heating element on an electric stovetop. Helical spiral custom metal bending is ideal for creating spiral staircase stringers and handrails, as well as other elegantly curved architectural pieces.

Mandrel Bending

Mandrel metal bending is a method of bending tubing and pipe to a give centerline radius of 180° or less. Our mandrel custom metal bending process utilizes a mandrel placed inside the pipe or tube to prevent it from collapsing or ovalling as the pipe/tube is bent around a die. We can produce mandrel bends in any diameter or radius your project requires.

Minimum Radius Bending

Our extensive custom metal bending experience and expertise enables us to create structural steel pieces, as well as bent plate and sheet, with tight radii and no unwanted distortion. We can produce multi-radius bends (see below), compound custom metal bends, reverse curves, and more, all with the tight radii your designs call for.

Multi-Radius Bending

To eliminate splices and material waste, Hongming sheng can provide multi-radius bends in a single workpiece. We can produce parabolas, ellipses, and special cambers to match your specifications. Multi-radius custom metal bending is ideal for ornamental work and structural supports, among other applications.

Off-Axis Bending

Sometimes known as “conical rolling,” off-axis custom metal bending is specified by citing major and minor diameters and the height and degree of arc of the required end piece. Off-axis bends are used in an array of construction applications, such as domes and roof supports.

Reverse Curve Bending

Reverse curves, also called “S” curves, are those in which the center of the radius flips from one side of a curved part to the other. Hongming sheng uses a variety of custom metal bending techniques to produce reverse curves that match our customers’ exact specifications.

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