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steel fabrication welding services
Custom OEM&ODM Metal Producrts

steel fabrication welding services

The skilled team at Hongmingsheng Engineering can make anything out of any metal. We are the trusted name for structural steel fabrication (SP welding), structural aluminium fabrication (Cat A welding) and general engineering projects.

Experience and expertise

Founded in 2009, Hongmingsheng Engineering is regarded as one of the most experienced metal fabricators in China.
When it comes to precision metal fabrication, we’re the experts. We’re a quality endorsed company to ISO 9001. All welding is to the highest metal fabrication standards. And all welding personnel are routinely tested by the NATA to ensure they meet these high standards.

Metal welding fabrication services

We offer a wide range of metal engineering and fabrication services, all carried out in our modern, fully equipped factory.

  1. Structural welding (SP & Cat A)
  2. Sheet metal fabrication
  3. Repair welding
  4. Beam & plate straightening
  5. Pulsed & pressure welding
  6. Metal forming
  7. Metal piercing & cutting
  8. Pipe & tube bending

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