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Top Metal Stamping Companies in China
Custom OEM&ODM Metal Producrts

Top Metal Stamping Companies in China

Metal stamping is a metal forming process. In this process, stamping presses economically, rapidly, precisely and in large volumes, shape flat stock sheet metal or metal coils into metal

parts. Metal stamping equipment can produce both two-dimensional and three-dimensional parts, while simultaneously or continuously stamping, pressing, cutting and forming more.

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Metal stamping is popular with manufacturers for its ability to produce uniform parts at high volumes, all while keeping the costs low.
Metal stamping has endless industrial applications, like plumbing, household appliances, automotive parts and medical stampings. Among the industries in which it is most popular are:
 automotive manufacturing, aerospace, healthcare, research and development, military and defense and electronics.

The list of products manufacturers can make using metal stamping is nearly endless. Some of those products include: deep drawn stampings (deep 3D parts) like pots and pans, metal brackets, spring clips, metal clips, exterior building panels (ex. roofs, doors, bonnets, side panels, deck lids and fenders), interior building panels, metal brackets, eyelets, lasers, gauges, radio system components, medical stampings, helicopter parts, vehicle engine parts, weapons parts, navigation systems, landing gears and dimensionally critical panels. Metal stamping is also used to make jewelry, household items and plumbing accessories.

Materials Process

A variety of materials are compatible with metal stamping, such as zinc, nickel, steel, brass, aluminum, copper, titanium and many alloys.

Zinc is a naturally occurring element that metalworkers frequently use as an alloy base. Alone, it is brittle and difficult to form, as an alloy ingredient, if offers galvanization resistance and corrosion resistance. It is, for example, an important component of brass sheet metal fabrication.

Nickel is another naturally occurring element. It is far more successful on its own than zinc, though. It boasts many positive properties, most notably: magnetism, corrosion resistance and ductility.

Steel is an important iron-carbon alloy. It offers superior tensile strength, good corrosion resistance and thermal conductivity, high yield strength and high durability. Galvanized steel is especially strong. Steel stamping is used to create a wide range of high strength products.

Brass is an alloy composed primarily of copper and the aforementioned zinc. Brass is somewhat corrosion resistant, but not super strong. It is, however, quite aesthetically pleasing. So, it is best for use when manufacturers want to make decorative stampings. Also, jewelry, plumbing and household fixtures are commonly fabricated from brass stampings.

Aluminum metal is: soft, malleable, corrosion resistant, electrically conductive, thermally conductive and nonmagnetic.

Copper is another element found in nature. It is electrically conductive, thermally conductive, formable, malleable, soft and a common alloy ingredient. Copper sheet metal stampings are ideal for large automotive and deep drawn metal stampings, as well as large pots and pans.

Beryllium copper is the strongest copper alloy. It is known for its resistance to: abrasive wear, galling, plastic decomposition products and non-oxidizing acids. It is also known to be: electrically conductive, durable, weldable, machinable and ductile.

Titanium is a metal known for its exceptional strength and strength-to-density ratio, its high corrosion resistance and its lightness. Titanium stampings are common in healthcare, defense and aerospace.


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