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We welcome custom manufacturing inquiries and offer the following benefits


Clear Communication:

We have many staff speaking fluent English. Our engineers can also write English.


Low Cost:

Our price is usually 20-60% lower than manufacturing prices in your local.


Familiar with International Engineering Standards:

We have started servicing international customers in the past five years, and have worked on hundreds of projects involving standards such as ASTM, SAE, AISI...


Total Solution:

If your product requires many different manufacturing processes, we can offer most of them such as surface finishing, assembly, plastic molding, aluminum extrusion ...


Manufacturing Team:

Production card and requirement notes transferred with parts during processing.Management team with over 12 years experience.Fluent production management and details focusing handling Over 100 production staff with high standard quality awareness


Qualty Assurance

Quality inspection for each part approved by production chieif with over 12 years based on customers' requirement.Welded pieces or assembled goods will be checked by QC team.Inspection rate is from 80% to 100% based on requirement.

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